Monday, November 10, 2008


“Prostitution” a word often bewildering the causes of society, defacing the conservative minds and paralyzing the basis of society pyramids is a word not fully explored. To a commoner prostitution may be cheap, vulgar, illegal whoring of human existence in return for money or other material payment, but in a broader association the amorphous meaning vaporizes to a social cause where the so called moral delinquents bring out a far away cry from evildom which is debatable in today’s diversified causes.
Its been ages when people in our country pored into prostitution by satisfying the carnal desires of fellow human being which eventually led to complete absorption of their identities into their profession thus shifting the general parameters of lifestyle. In our own country devadasis or jogathis and cults of goddesses of ancient times portray the facts of complete dedication to the deities of desire where attendance to the needs of society gave birth to sexual desires of men. Over the ages sexual orientations and lingering have been encouraged in different strata irrespective of their dimensions where biological acceptance of multiple partners gained prominence among the more affluent class where the consumerist notion of “to get rich is to glorify” stands justified. Vatsyanas kamasutra portrays an ancient society where prostitution was an art imbibed by human acceptance of desire and manifestations of beauty. Various temples of India like the sun temples of konark portray desire as a beautification of human soul. In that scenario branding prostitution as evil is difficult.
Prostitution though cant be ignored from the fact that it causes blasphemy of societal discord where child prostitution is a major concern. Child prostitution not only brings forth the denial of ultimate rights of a child but it curbs the moral causes of life. Child prostitution involving both boys and girls is very common today but female child prostitution is more common than male child prostitution which is again multidimensional. In Karnataka Attaining puberty is a secondary thing as there is a ceremony known as heath Lawni (or touching ceremony) whereby the girl is made over to the highest bidder. In the seamy and sordid world where each painted faced hides its own talk of abduction coercion an submission the 'Gharwali' or the 'Madani' rules by force and is helped by 'Goondas'. Practice of child prostitution is economically unsound, psychologically disastrous, and morally dangerous and harmful on even and individual child. One can hardly imagine the extreme trauma that a child under goes. Imagine a stingy locality, a stingy partitioned room where a so called “Masi” greets you to a sea of desire over various addictions, when trading of human instincts happen .the dens of desires are guarded by men who ward off untimely raids by police and often bear criminal records. In such situations the traumatic phases of dissolution of child soul is unimaginable. Our society has not only turned a blind eye to minor girls being enticed into prostitution but also is directly responsible for the continuance in growth of child prostitution. First the demand for virgin prostitutes, and secondly it abets child prostitution by failing to provide adequate facilities for orphan and destitute children where the concerns of respected classes of society looses its values. Cases of infiltration of prostitution across the borders is a serious concern where minors sail across the borders from Nepal, Bangladesh and are exposed to the flesh market. Moreover the Mumbai dreams of glamour and glory inflicts flesh trade onto minors who are then transformed to outcasts of society. in global context prostitution has been spotted as the third largest source of profit where a minor looses its virginity of life, where a woman is forced to fleshtrading after being raped, where the sanctity of marriage cries foul after being abandoned by spouse. Prostitution though cannot be earmarked as a totally voluntary choice but theorizing it as a victimless self determination will undermine the roots of evil stabbing deep into it. More pertinent is the fact that state ,civil and human rights have proved foul when dealing with corrupt practices of flesh trading is posing threat to sanctity of womanhood. That prostitute is not a criminal that prostitutes should be dealt at par with other malpractices of societ is often a deleted notion in the pages of legal instruments where prostitutes have to face the harsh faces of law whenever a brothel is raid whereas the pimp and clients move scotfree. The moral judgment is often a victimization of situational clauses where prostitution again bears the whip of outcast west Bengal itself “Sonagacchi” or “golden tree”, Bombay’s “kamathipura” are famous zones of flesh exploration where in Bengal the early “Bengali babus” were linked with maintaining mistresses whereas Bombay became a prominent seaport in the late 19th century, its brothels served sailors and received brothel workers from distant parts of the world; it joined a sex trade circuit spanning cities in Asia, South America and Africa which diversified into flourishing trade zones. Recent studies have pinpointed on the issue of child born in such brothel areas whose exploitation, health are always a major issue .In such a scenario Ngo and government institutions plays a definite role in freeing prostitution from the clutches of evil inflictions. The modern world saw escort agencies, gay clubs and lesbian parties blooming into page 3 modulations .In such a scenario the undesirable evilness of prostitution is a domain unanswered. it is also important to recognize the inevitability of prostitution in society; till we have found out ways to prevent exploitation of the weak; where hypothetical thinking of a prostitution free world cries foul where catapulting the same into mainstream of society is also a debatable issue. In such a scenario the voices of such a weak, unexplored domain cannot be neglected as their concerns should be given weight age where cleaning out our dictionary containing words like whore, slut, etc are foremost so that they too can rise above the shame and stigma of being a “prostitute”.

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